Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday October 4, 2016
Day 10

Good afternoon parents,
This morning after our assembly, the students had French with Mme.  Be sure to check her blog for programme details.
Afterwards, it was Karmin’s turn to lead the calendar activities.  We had a lively discussion about all of the fun events taking place in October.  Next thing we knew, it was time for snack and recess!
Once the students returned, I read aloud “The Great Turkey Race”.
During math, we continued with sorting and patterning.   The carpet lesson (whole group) concentrated on identifying and continuing pattern and recognizing pattern core.  The blue group represented patterns several ways and identified pattern core.  The orange group worked to recognize and copy a pattern (identify colour/shape patterns and complete the pattern shown).
After lunch and recess, it was time for reading groups.  Each group worked with me on the carpet rereading the stories we had been working on before starting our new stories.  Students worked well to identify main character traits and qualities.
Bluberries – please reread “Hurry Up!” pages 12-22
Oranges – please reread “A Long, Long Time Ago” pages 16-26
Apples – please reread “The Enormous Adventure” pages 40-47
We also worked to put the finishing touches on our UOI class book of Community Helpers!
Cross Country trip tomorrow
Gym tomorrow

Have a great evening!