Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Monday October 24 and Tuesday October 25

We have been working diligently in grade 1 and 2.
During our math lessons, we have continued our skip counting and I am so proud of my students!  They counted by 10s to 1000 yesterday and by 2s to 200!
We are also continuing with Time, Temperature and Money.  We have been, as a whole class, working on telling time to the hour (gr. 1 expectation), quarter hour (gr. 2 expectation) and have even moved to telling time in 5 min increments!
Their successes stretch across to the Language program as well.  In reading groups, the students have been working on higher-order comprehension activities and forming written answers in complete sentences, using all the appropriate punctuation and capitals.
In phonics, the themes this week concentrate on vowel blends and double consonants.
Students have been very excited as we’ve started our Dinosaur UOI and we are working daily on our KWL charts.

I have also managed to slip in a few Halloween fun activities!