Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday September 22, 2016
Day 2

Good afternoon parents,
After our assembly, students had French class.  Afterwards, Sarah did a great job leading the class in the daily calendar activities.  Next it was time for snack and recess!
During Math, students continued skip counting activities and the orange group tried some challenge activities. 
During Language, students read independently, and then as a class, “The Happy Wanderers”.  We then discussed how the animals effectively compromised and then drew similarities between the animals and the students’ own experiences.
During lunch, Jaedyn and Mishka presented their sharing.
In the afternoon, we had an extended UOI period where students brainstormed as a class the responsibilities they have at home and at school.  They then had an opportunity to complete a personal reflection with individual journals (written and pictures).
tomorrow is the Terry Fox run

Tomorrow is spelling dictation