Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday September 15, 2016
Day 7

Good afternoon parents,
This morning after our morning assembly and calendar activities, it was time for math. As usual, I started with a whole group carpet lesson and then specialized lessons for each of the two groups.  The orange group compared and ordered numbers into 5 frames using counters and “less than” and “more than” clues.  The blue group filled in missing numerals on 100s charts using number clues before and after.  Today was the first day of Mad Minute addition.  Today, students worked on addition facts to 20.  They were encouraged to utilize various strategies including counters and number lines.
Next it was time for snack, sharing and recess.
During language, students completed various phonics activities and a journal describing what is great about being oldest, middle, youngest or only child.
After lunch and recess, students had gym and drama with Mr. Hunt.
Following last recess, we began our review of some IB attitudes and attributes.  Today students discussed “Knowledgeable”, “Balanced” and “Communicator”.  We are working to create student-created posters for our classroom.
Students then completed their friendship bracelets and are very excited to present them to their classmates tomorrow.
Reminders: tomorrow is spelling dictation

Have a great evening!