Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday September 12, 2016
Day 4

Good afternoon parents,
Our first full week of school got off to a great day!
This morning after the morning assembly, students had French.  Please ensure your child has a binder specifically for this subject if s/he hasn’t already brought one in.  Also, be sure to check Mme’s blog for programming information and the “code” word.
Next, Ethan led us in our calendar activities before we had snack and recess.
I read aloud “Franklin’s Secret Club”.
During our Language class, students had their first pretest of the year.  The spelling words are given on Monday and sent home as a fridge list.  Activities are completed during the week based on the spelling words and final dictation is given on Friday.
During lunch, students who wanted to shared their weekend news and then everyone enjoyed recess!
Math class started with a whole group lesson.  Our first strand is in Numeracy (Number Sense and Numeration).  The orange group worked on number relationships (comparing and ordering numbers) and the blue group also worked on number relationships (developing strategies for adding and subtracting and place value).
After last recess, I explained our “Snuggle Up and Read Program”.  Each student is bringing home her/his reading log this afternoon.  Please see the letter to parents in the front of the duotang outlining the program.
Students then worked to complete a story summary focussed on sequencing events (pictures and written work).

We finished the day with Sarah and Samuel!
I have sent home a copy of our class timetable with each student as our gym times have changed.  Please note that times and plans may vary given the day (for example, UOI and math periods may be swapped) and that printing/cursive and art are entwined within Language and UOI periods.