Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday September 30, 2016
Day 8

Good afternoon parents,
This morning after the assembly, students had French with Mme.  Please check her blog for programme information.
Mishka then led us in calendar activities.  Next it was time for snack and Shylah and Karmin presented their show and share.
After recess, it was time for spelling dictation.  The students have been doing very well setting up their pages. 
During Math, the orange group worked on sorting same/different (identifying different and same attributes)
The blue group sorted by 2 and 3 attributes into Venn diagrams.  They identified and labelled sorting rules and sorting circles.
Following lunch recess, it was time for reading groups.
The blueberries read aloud “A Day on the Farm” and completed sequential retell.
The oranges read aloud “The Lion and the Mouse” and completed sequential retell.
The apples read aloud “Remember When” and completed sequential retell.
Please sign dictation
Reread reading group story (blueberries pgs 65-79, oranges pgs 82-87, apples pgs 13-17)

Have a great weekend!