Monday, September 19, 2016

Friday September 16, 2016
Day 8

Good afternoon parents,
Our first full week of school is over!
This morning after our morning assembly, the students had French.  Please check Mme’s blog for programme details and the secret code.
Afterwards, we had our calendar activities and the leader chose two friends to continue the grade1/2 Friday tradition of delivering house points students in each class who wore house tshirst, hoodies or ties.
It was then time for our first ever dictation.  Students worked diligently on their page set up.  The words do become progressively more difficult.  At the start of the year, it is more about the accompanying activities and establishing good work habits and routine.
Following snack and recess, I read aloud “Franklin Plays the Game”.  Then it was time for math.  After the whole class lesson on the carpet, the orange group worked on ten frames to compare numbers using “less than/more than  clues.  They were also given a challenge to work ahead using the 20 frames.  The blue group worked on identifying odd and even numbers and skip counting.  They also were given a challenge.  Students need to use number patterns to solve word problems.
During lunch, students enjoyed sharing and then recess.
During UOI entitled “Who We Are: Relationships, Rules and Responsibilities”, the class continued to brainstorm characteristics of our IB attitudes and attributes.  Next week, students will be creating art work to display their discoveries.
Last period was a “catch-up/ketchup” opportunity.  Once students had completed all their outstanding assignments, they enjoyed some word games with classmates on the carpet.