Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday June 1, 2016
Good afternoon, parents.
Our classroom had some sleepy students this morning (it sounds like many went out after the concert for a well-deserved Dairy Queen treat!). 
During math class, the grade ones continued their pre-multiplication strategies of grouping and skip counting during our lesson.  The grade twos had a lesson on fractions and I was blown away with how quickly they caught on!
After snack and recess, I read aloud two stories and students worked on individualized phonics activities while others completed their DRAs with me.
Following lunch and recess, students had French with Mme.
After last recess, we had our first of the month assembly.  Congratulations to Jaedyn who earned Principal’s Choice for being a Principled learner.

After the assembly, it was time for the Track and Field awards.  Congratulations to all our students!
Have a great evening!