Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday June 7, 2016
Good afternoon, parents.
Today was Science Day!
This morning was full of learning, collaboration and fun activities.  Students from grads 1-4 were divided into groups and assigned grades 7&8 helpers.  Then the groups had an opportunity to travel to each station.  At “Safety First”, students learned about ramps and speed.  Their task was to secure a stuffed animal to a scooter board so it would remain on the scooter board after a perilous journey down a ramp.  At the “Sink/Float” station, students tested the buoyancy of various materials and then constructed their own boats and compared to others’ to see which would stay afloat the longest.  During the “Structures” activities, students had a lesson on stability comparing triangles and squares.  Then they worked in their group with pre-selected materials to see which group could build the tallest tower.  Students were very creative in their designs!
The last activity of the day was “Egg Drop”.  Students were placed in groups of two or three and then were given materials to protect and cushion a raw egg.  Mr. Playford dropped each contraption from waaaaay up high!  Congratulations to the three groups (out of 12) that had intact eggs!
Following lunch, students had gym and dance with Mr. Hunt and then at the end of the day, they worked on their Father’s Day presents.

Have a great evening!