Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday May 25, 2016
Good afternoon, parents!
Another beautiful day and the students enjoyed their recesses playing without jackets (finally!).
Today we had Sergei visiting grade one.  The students were welcoming and eagerly played with their new friend.
This morning after assembly, students practiced their French portion of their concert with Mme.  The singing is fantastic! The audience is in for a treat.
When we came back to class, we had our morning jobs and calendar activities. 
We then talked about all the fun activities we can do now that the weather is consistently pleasant and students wrote journals on the topic, making sure that correct capitalization and punctuation was used.
Next was snack and sharing followed by recess.
I read aloud “Cool Dog, School Dog” and then students finished their spring art and we went to the gym to hang them up and we had a sneak peek preview of the grade 7/8 dance performance for the concert.
During language, we continued our lessons on topic sentences and supporting detail sentences.
Following lunch and recess, it was time for our whole school concert run through.
Next was a hard-earned recess followed by a review of long and short vowels.  Before we knew it, the end of the day had arrived and it was time for agendas.

Reminders: no spelling this week

Please bring in all reading logs Friday for year-long tally total.  This completes the reading log program for this year.  Thanks for your support and participation.