Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday May 18, 2016
Good afternoon parents,
This morning during math, we continued with our 2D Geometry unit.  The grade ones continued identifying similarities and differences between shapes (sides, corners, etc) while the grade twos identified multiple shapes by clues given in a word problem format.
After snack and recess, I worked with the students in their reading groups.
Students also listened to “The Tree House” for our daily 5 and completed a plot summary with words and pictures (beginning, middle and end).
After lunch and recess, students had French and then last recess.
We then worked on our spring art – beautiful cherry blossoms.
Students also had a lesson on cursive lower and upper case “rR”.
Before we knew it, the end of the day had come.
Tomorrow is spelling dictation
Please fill in your PTA ballots.  They are due no later than 9am tomorrow.