Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday May 3, 2016
Good afternoon parents,
During math, we continued with our Measurement unit.  The grade ones used ruler length and snap cubes to measure various items around the class as well as their friends.  They did a great job estimating and then measuring.
The grade twos used centimeters to measure realistic bug shapes (length and width).  They also worked well estimating and then exact measuring.
During language, the grade ones worked on their phonics while the grade twos had a carpet lesson on writing a recipe.  They had to list all ingredients, tools needed and directions in detail.
We did one together as a group and then students picked one to do on their own.
I read aloud “Splinters” during story time and students were very quick (especially the girls!) at figuring out that it is another version of the Cinderella story.
Before lunch, students enjoyed a library book exchange.
After lunch recess, students enjoyed music and gym with Mr. Hunt.
We started working on our Mother’s Day gift after the last recess (shhhh….it’s a surprise!).

Have a great evening!