Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday May 2, 2016
Good afternoon parents,
This morning we had our first of the month assembly.  Principal’s Choice for last month was announced.  Congratulations to Matthew for earning the award for the month of April!
Next, Madame presented the IB attitudes and attributes for the month of May and then I led the school in some house games.
By the time we returned to the class, we had time for calendar and then washed hands and had snack and recess.
During math class, we began our last measurement unit for the year.  Grade ones worked at comparing longer than and shorter than while the grade twos worked on measuring items in our class using non-standard units of measure (erasers, paper clips and pencils).
Next it was time for spelling and each of the three groups had their weekly pretest and then began their spelling activities.
During lunch, students shared weekend news.
Students had French with Mme and then it was time for last recess.
Next students had another lesson in cursive writing (lower and upper case “K” and “L”) and then worked to complete any outstanding math/spelling from the morning.
Before we knew it, it was the end of the day!

Have a great afternoon!