Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday April 13, 2016
Hello parents,
With Earth Day around the corner, we worked on a brainstorm lesson on ways to respect and preserve our environment.  The main focus was on the soil, water and air.  Students then completed fabulous Earth Day – related posters.  They are on display over the students’ hooks in the hallway.  Please check them out!
In math, we had review lessons and then more practise for the upcoming test on Monday.
Students completed their paper dolls celebrating Chinese New Year.
Please check Mme Villeneuve’s blog for today’s lesson.
Tomorrow the preschool is putting on a bake sale fundraiser.  Students will be given an opportunity to purchase items tomorrow.
Also, please return any pledge forms for the Earth Day fundraiser.
Please contact the PTA if you would like to purchase tickets for the Casino Royale event.
The Mom-to-Mom sale is May 14