Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday April 8, 2016
Hello parents,
We had a great trip yesterday afternoon!
Yesterday morning we worked on our “tricky math” and had A LOT of success with it (third time is a charm!). 
Students also worked on cursive writing “d” and words containing “d”. 
Today after assembly and calendar activities (led by Seth) our class handed out house points to students with house hoodies and ties.
Students then had personal reading before our spelling dictation. 
Next was addition and subtraction and co-ordinating answers with colours. 
Following snack and recess (brrrr…) I read aloud a story “My Name is Yoon” and students worked in reading groups and students had some one on one time with me for phonics and math.
After lunch and recess, we worked on a combination of Art and Unit of Inquiry.  We began work on our summative project.  Students worked on paper dolls in traditional costumes with a write up outlining the festivity/culture celebrated.  Today we worked on the first one together as a practice which was a Christmas paper doll.  Monday we will work on a paper doll celebrating Chinese New Year.

Have a fantastic weekend!