Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday April 22, 2016
Happy Earth Day!
This morning after assembly and calendar, our students went to the classrooms to hand out house points to students who were wearing house t-shirts, hoodies and ties.
Students continued with subtraction (without regrouping) as they completed a spring-themed picture activity.
Next, was spelling dictation, followed by snack and recess.
I then read aloud a story about friendship. 
The preschool children came for a visit and to present Sarah, who held a lemonade sale to raise money to purchase outside toys for the preschool, with a thank you card.
After lunch and recess, we went to area parks to clean up garbage in honour of Earth Day.
Have a great weekend!
Reminders: the grades 5/6 are completing exhibition projects.  As part of one group’s action plan to help animals, please bring in animal toys/lcbo or beer bottles for the SPCA.  Boxes are located at inside our school in front of the gym doors.

Thank you!