Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday March 2, 2016
Good afternoon parents,
Pajama day was comfy and cozy!
During our first of the month assembly, perfect attendance for the month of February was announced.  The attribute of Creativity was the focus of Principal’s Choice for the month of February.  Congratulations to Madyson for earning Principal’s Choice!  Madyson is very creative, often constructing structures based on our IB units!
I presented this month’s IB attitudes and attributes (with a little help from Franklin) of empathy and caring.  Then Mrs. Dilba and Miss Perry led us in some fun house games!
When we came back to class, we did our morning jobs and calendar and then managed to get a math activity (skip counting and matching words to their numbers) in before snack and recess.
During our phonics period, we worked some more on our Rhyming Journal with the word “sun” and talked about interesting quality of “done” “none/nun”.
Then it was time for library book exchange.
Following lunch and recess, students enjoyed music and drama with Mr. Hunt and then played outside for last recess.
Mme had the students last period for French.  Please check her blog for program details.

Have a great evening!