Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tuesday March 1, 2016
Yee-Haw!! Cowboy/ Cowgirl dress up day was a lot of fun! We even had some friendly horses and cows join us in class.
During calendar time, we discussed the saying about March weather and lambs and lions.  We talked about where the saying came from and if it was going to be accurate this month.
During math, I handed out the corrected math unit tests and I went over corrections.
Students then worked on some addition and pattern practice.  Students were excited to have their own egg cartons for chicken math!
During phonics, we had a carpet lesson and a game on hard and soft “g” sounds.
After snack, sharing and recess, it was time for reading groups.  I met with all three reading groups.  Each student read aloud from the assigned readings and we completed comprehension questions in the groups. 
For Daily Five, students had an opportunity to “read to self” from books of their choosing.
Students had a well deserved lunch and recess.
We took advantage of an extra period together by working on some writing by studying “writing a list and a list plan” in our Treehouse writing books.  We then wrote a list and list plan for planning the perfect Western-themed party!
Students then began a journal on “I am happy to be me because…”
After a snowy recess, students worked on completing their Unit of Inquiry flip-flap books on Simple Machines.  They are on display on our bulletin board in our class.

Another busy and productive and fun day!
Stay cozy!