Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday March 31, 2016
Good afternoon parents,
This morning after our assembly, Jaedyn led us in our calendar activities. 
Then we had an impromptu lesson on why high heels make a clicking sound (I was surprised at the students’ interest!  The wonders of grade one and two! 
Students then had 15 minutes of sustained personal reading. 
During our math class, we started new units in numeration.  We had a whole class lesson on review of addition and subtraction sentences displayed in numbers, pictures and sentences (without regrouping) and then students completed individualized activities based on the lesson.
Following snack and an indoor recess, we had reading groups and students worked diligently in their comprehension questions.
After lunch and another indoor recess, students had music and math with Mr. Hunt. 
And then….another indoor recess.
During last period, we completed another entry for the “rhyme journals” and then students had an opportunity to complete a journal of their own choice.
Reminders:  tomorrow is spelling dictation

Reading groups: reread selections studied and read in class for practice