Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday February 16, 2016
Welcome back! After a four-day weekend, there sure was a lot of weekend news from the students!
After calendar and an extended version of weekend news, students completed their spelling pretests and then the three groups worked on activities with their words.
Next was snack time and recess. 
Afterwards, I read aloud another chapter of our novel and we had a good laugh about Fudge’s sensible rock garden!
I then met with the Kit Kat reading group, completing pages 17-21 (read aloud and comprehension) while the other two reading groups worked on phonics activities.
Mrs. Dilba brought the grades one and twos to the library for their weekly book exchange and then students had an opportunity to read their new books or complete spelling/phonics activities.
Lunch and recess was next and then students enjoyed a rowdy (I could hear them as I taught the grades 7 and 8s!) drama class and then a fun gym period.
After last recess, students worked on their writing by completing a fun story starter in their journals.
Then it was time for agendas and packing up.  Many students went to Science Club after school.
Reminders: Friday is skating (last one of the season)

Have a great evening!