Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tuesday February 9, 2016
After our morning assembly, Kate led us in our calendar activities.  Next, we met on the carpet for a letter writing activity.  Tiffany’s family has moved and she is now attending school close to her new home.  We talked about all the fun times we had with her.  Together, we wrote an opening and closing and then each student wrote in their own personal message and made a picture to go with their letters.
Then we had snack, sharing and recess.
I then read aloud another chapter of our novel which students (and stuffies!) thoroughly enjoyed.
Students then began their Valentine’s mailboxes in preparation for Thursday.
Mailboxes were made from 2 paper plates and “sewn” together.  It was a very good exercise in fine motor skills.  Students then chose from an array of materials to decorate their mailboxes.
At lunchtime, we enjoyed pancake lunch! A special thank you to the parents who helped make our delicious lunch. 
After lunch recess was time for our Daily Five and students had an opportunity to read to self for 15 minutes.
Then students worked on assignments from the “work to be completed” basket.
After last recess, we had a carpet lesson with our sentence buddies and worked on developing sentences with at least 2 nouns, a verb and 2 adjectives.
Before we knew it, it was the end of the school day. 
Reminders: we will be having a Valentine’s Day class party on Thursday.  Students may bring in a nut-free treat/snack to share and Valentine’s cards to hand out.  Also, it is a spirit day on Thursday and students are encouraged to wear pink, red and white along with any Valentine’s Day themed accessories