Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday February 2, 2016
Good afternoon parents!
After a quick morning assembly, we went back to our class for a quick snack before we got on the bus to go to Theatre Orangeville.  Students enjoyed the performance “Thumbelina” and asked lots of questions during the Question and Answer portion.
When we came back to school, we had a bathroom/stretch break and then I read aloud the remainder of “Beezus and Ramona”.
During lunchtime, we had sharing and we talked about the play.
Following recess, students worked on cursive writing!  I did a carpet lesson for both grades using the individual chalkboards and then students in grade one worked on “a” in their practice books while the grade twos had an additional lesson on “f” and using three letter words beginning with “f” and using other letters we have studied.
Following last recess, we continued work to complete and had a “coffee break” as a reward for a job well done during speech season.
Reminder: tomorrow is our speech competition in the gym (starting at 12:45).  We are wishing Sarah and Madyson good luck!

Have a great evening!