Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday February 25, 2016
Good afternoon parents,
The students told me they all had a fun snow day yesterday! It was nice to stay warm and cozy at home.
Today the students worked hard (as usual!).
After the morning assembly and calendar activities, we continued our math review.  Grade 2s worked on making skeletons (cubes, triangular prisms and pyramids).
There is a math quiz on Monday and we will continue our review tomorrow.
Following snack and morning recess, we worked on a St. Patrick’s day art project.  Please check out the students’ Shamrock art is on display on the bulletin board above the students’ hooks.
After lunch and recess, students enjoyed drama and gym with Mr. Hunt.
The Gummy Bears then had their reading group time while the other students worked on Shamrock Syllables and Rhyming.

tomorrow is spelling dictation

Please remember to return your re-enrollment packages.