Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday February 11, 2016
Good afternoon parents,
We had a fun-filled, Valentine-themed day!
In this morning’s assembly, everyone joined into singing and dancing to Valentine’s themed songs.
After our calendar activities, the three spelling groups had their dictation.  Next we had math.  Using the 2D shapes and the 3D blocks, students identified number of faces, edges and vertices.  They also noted similarities between the shapes in relation to ability to roll and ability to be stacked.
Next it was time for snack and recess.
Then I read “Franklin’s Valentine” aloud to the students and we talked about caring for our friends all year round.  Every day is friendship day!
Students then worked on some Valentine themed writing activities.
For a special holiday treat, I brought in sugar cookies for the students to decorate with icing and candies that they ate after their lunches!
Lunch recess was a “half and half” as it was very cold outside.
Next, students made a beautiful big bee Valentine to give to their parents for Sunday!
After last recess, we had our party.  Students handed out Valentines, ate treats and we played Madyson’s game “Pie in the Face”! Mr. Hunt even stopped by to play!
We had a lot of tidying and packing at the end of the day!
Reminders: tomorrow is a PD day and Monday is Family Day
Enjoy your long weekend!