Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday January 13, 2015

Good afternoon parents,
We had another fabulous day in grade one and two!
During our morning assembly, I introduced a new grade one friend to our class who came to visit for the day.
Sarah was our special helper today and she did a great job with our calendar activities.
During math, we continued our lessons on tallying data and recognizing patterns and interpreting bar graphs by looking at favourite colours and veggies (yes, favourite veggies!).
After snack and recess, I read aloud a winter story that everyone enjoyed (even the stuffies, shopkins and cars that joined us!).
Then it was time for reading groups.  The Jelly Beans continued their work on “The Monster from the Sea” (we are getting a clearer picture as to what the monster may actually be!), the Gummy Bears worked on activities relating to their story “Remember When…” and the Kit Kats worked on their phonics activities.
After lunch and recess, the students enjoyed Drama and Gym with Mr. Hunt.
Everyone’s cheeks were rosy red following last recess and then students enjoyed their French class with Mme Villeneuve.  Be sure to check her blog for program information.
Homework: Jelly Beans : reread pages 4-13.
Gummy Bears:  reread pages 13-17

Kit Kats: preread pages 16