Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday January 12, 2016
After Orla led us in our calendar activities, we worked on our Data Management / Probability unit.  We discussed various events/situations and then decided if they would be likely/unlikely.  Examples included; snowing in the springtime, needing snow pants next week, Santa visiting today at lunch.  Then we played a game with 5 blue and 10 red cubes to see which colour would be drawn 10 times first.
Following snack and recess, I finished our read along book on Gorillas.
Next, I met with each of the three reading groups where students took turns reading and we discussed inferences and then answered comprehension questions. 
The Jelly Beans are to reread pages 4 -10 in The Monster from the Sea at home for practice.
Kit Kats are to reread pages 11 – 14 in Freckle Juice for practice.
Gummy Bears are to reread pages 13 – 17 entitled Remember When…
After lunch (with a tasty dessert birthday cake provided by Madyson!) and recess, the students had gym and drama with Mr. Hunt.
Following last recess, the students worked on their weekly spelling activities with their list words and finished up any outstanding work/assignments.

Have a great evening!