Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday January 14, 2016
Good afternoon parents,
We had another full, fun day in grade one and two!
This morning after Tiffany led us in our calendar activities, we worked very diligently on a tricky math lesson and I’m so proud of the students for doing a great job.  Our lesson involved making reasonable predictions of the results of tossing a two-colour counter and recording results in a tally and on a bar graph.  Then students worked in groups to identify and tally three categories of items within the classroom.
After recess, I read aloud “Snowball Fight!” which the students enjoyed immensely.
Then we discussed why it is important for children to help out around the house and what chores they do to help their parents.  I am not surprised to hear that the students are helpful at home because they are eager to help around the class and school.  Then students put their thoughts onto paper by completing a journal.
Students worked well in our reading groups today.  Please see your child’s agenda homework (rereading).  Students are doing a great job drawing connections between our stories and the greater community.
After lunch and recess, we had an afternoon of Unit of Inquiry.
We watched a Bill Nye video on “Simple Machines” (specifically wheels, levers, ramps, pulleys and screws).  We then discussed what we saw and made jot notes as a class.
We then experimented with our version of catapults (spoons and plastic counter blocks).  Students observed changes with force and placement of the block in relation to the fulcrum.
We also discussed where we use simple machines in everyday life.
Thank you to Sarah who brought in hot chocolate, so we could have a “coffee break” between our experiments.
Reminder that tomorrow we are going on a trip to see the play “The Little Mermaid” at Theatre Orangeville.  Also, spelling dictation tomorrow.

Have a great night!