Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday January 18, 2016
Good afternoon parents,
Another great day in grade one and two!
After our assembly and calendar activities, we had our weekly spelling pretests and then students worked on activities with their new list words.
Then we had our Unit of Inquiry where we reviewed the six simple machines studied thus far.  Students examined a construction site and town to identify pulleys and gears and the work being done.  We also studied the gears in our classroom wall clock (and then had some difficulty getting it to work again!).
After snack, with some students choosing to share weekend news, students bundled up for recess.
Following recess, I began a new read aloud story “Ramona and Beezus”.  We then had our math class where we continued with tallys, bar graphs and the concepts of always, sometimes and never.  Students worked diligently to complete surveys and interpret data (done as a class lesson on the carpet).
After lunch and a half and half recess (first 20 minutes outside and then inside for remainder), students had French class with Mme Villeneuve.
Following last recess, students practiced reading aloud their speeches in front of the class.  Students will have an opportunity every day to practise reading/reciting their speeches.  This is to get the students comfortable with speaking for an extended amount of time in front of the class.  Once students are confident in saying their speech in front of the group, students will then be gently guided in volume, eye contact and pausing to breathe/ allow for audience reaction.
A permission form was sent home with your child for the next skating date.  Also, February lunch forms were sent home this afternoon as well.

Have a cozy night!