Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!
I hope that you had an enjoyable holiday!
This morning, we started with our January assembly and Mr. Hunt presented the IB attribute of risk-taker.  This month, Mr. Playford will be looking for students who demonstrate the qualities we brainstormed during the assembly.  Afterwards, Mrs. Whitworth led the house teams in our monthly house games competition!
Following the assembly, we went back to class where each student had an opportunity to share stories from her/his holiday.
We then had an indoor recess because of the windchill.  After recess, we had our calendar time and I started to read aloud a new book for storytime. 
Then students had their weekly pretest and activities with list words.
After lunch and lunch recess, (first half outside and then inside) students had French class with Mme Villeneuve.
Following last recess, we had a carpet lesson brainstorming New Year’s resolutions/goals and then students reflected and completed writing work on the topic.
A reminder that tomorrow is library day.  Also, permission forms went home today for skating trip on Friday January 8.

Have a great night!