Monday, January 18, 2016

Friday January 15, 2015

Good afternoon parents,
We had a fun day!  This morning, after our assembly and calendar activities, we had our spelling dictation.  Then it was time for early snack and bathroom break before we got on the bus to see Orla and Ella in “A Little Mermaid”!
The play was fantastic…full of great costumes, fabulous songs and terrific actors!  We all agree that Ursula and Scuttle were our favourites (besides Orla and Ella of course!).
We had lunch when we got back to school and then the students had a 45 minute recess.  As captivating and entertaining as the play was, it was still a long time for the little ones to sit and they were happy to run outside.
When the students came in, I worked with them in our reading groups and then it was time for us to pack up.

Enjoy your weekend!