Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday December 2, 2015
Good afternoon parents,
After calendar activities and circle time, we started reading aloud “Arthur’s Christmas Cookies”.  Then students had an opportunity to work with the Jungle Math app for time (telling time to the quarter hour).
Then students had French class with Madame.  Be sure to check her blog for a sneak peek into the concert details.
After snack and recess, I finished reading aloud “Arthur’s Christmas Cookies”.
Following our read aloud, we worked in our reading groups.  The Kit Kats took turns reading aloud chapter 14 in A Little Princess and are to reread for practice for homework if your schedule permits.
Jelly Beans started Merry Christmas Amelia Bedelia and we discussed the silly sayings and her amusing blunders.  Students are to reread for practice up to and including page 37 for homework if schedules permit.
The Gummy Bear group read Peanut Butter and Jelly and are to reread for homework if schedules permit.
After lunch and recess, students worked on phonics and journal writing, “My Favourite Food”.
Following last recess, we investigated our Unit of Inquiry – How the World Works: Build It!  We studied the form and function (causation) by examining what structures are made of and why different materials are used in different building types.  We watched some tvo clips of reinforcing structures with trusses and discussed why triangles are more sturdy than squares or rectangles.  We researched images of various bridges with trusses as well.  Later in our unit, students will be building their own bridges at school.
The topic of Santa came up today as well.  I reinforced the traits of understanding and tolerance for others’ beliefs and that settled our discussion to the satisfaction of all the students…..and then I breathed a sigh of relief and distracted them all with a game :)

Have a great night!