Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday November 25, 2015
Good afternoon parents,
It was very enjoyable to see the students in their casual clothing today.  Their personalities really come through in their clothing choices when there is only one day a month to choose a “fun” outfit!
After the morning assembly, we had a quick game of Cookie Crumble before calendar and everyone guessed the correct word “Scrooge” at the same time!
After calendar, we had a math review of coins (names and denominations).
In spelling, the students completed activities related to their weekly list words.
After snack and recess, I read aloud the first half of the final chapter of “A Christmas Carol” and then we watched the Mickey Mouse version of the story.  Tomorrow we will work on a T-chart as a class to identify the similarities and differences between the two.
After lunch, students had French class with Madame.
Following last recess, the grade 2s practised cursive writing “l” and “e” while the grade 1s practised printing upper and lower case T, U and V.
They then wrote in their journals of their favourite part of “A Christmas Carol” ensuring they used many adjectives. If students completed, they had the opportunity to work on a fun Christmas activity package.

Have a great evening!