Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday November 17, 2015
Good afternoon parents!
After Tiffany led us in our calendar activities, we went to the library for our book exchange.
During our language period, I met with the Kit Kats to complete our work on chapter 10 while the Jelly Beans worked on phonics activities.  Tonight Kit Kats are asked to preread chapter 11 for tomorrow’s class.
Then it was the Jelly Bean’s turn to meet with me in their reading group.  We completed all the activities for our animal story while the Kit Kats worked on phonics activities.
After snack and recess, I began reading aloud an abridged version of “A Christmas Carol”.
We then had our math lesson.  We reviewed the names of coins and their amounts.  We then sorted and counted coins.  Tomorrow we will be exploring the various ways to make ten cents.
After lunch and recess, the students had gym class and music with Mr. Hunt.
Following last recess, we worked on our Hindu project.  We researched and discussed the various holidays/celebrations, clothing and food.  We talked about similarities and differences by comparing our own experiences.
Have a great evening!