Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday November 10, 2015
Good afternoon parents!
This morning after assembly and calendar, we went to the library.
During math, we continued our unit on measurement (time).  The grade 1 lesson concentrated on ordinals and ordering events (seasons…changes in an apple tree four times a year).
During the grade 2 lesson, we continued looking at how long a minute is and why a minute seems to go quickly sometimes and other times very slowly.  We investigated how many times the grade 2s could write their names in a minute, put together groups of 5 snap cubes, etc.  We then estimated using less than a minute, about a minute and more than a minute to determine how long it would take to complete 10 jumping jacks, walk the length of the school and eat snack and then we tested our estimates.
After snack and morning recess, I finished reading aloud “Horrible Harry”.
Then during language, the Kit Kats continued work on “A Little Princess” as we reread and answered questions on chapter 8.
The Jellybeans completed the peanut butter section of “I Hate Peas!”.  We will be starting a new story on Thursday.
After lunch and recess, the students had drama and music with Mr. Hunt.
After last recess, we practiced our sentences (what is and what isn’t a sentence/rearranging words to make sentences/joining beginning and ending parts of sentences).
tomorrow there is no school
Dictation on Friday

Kit Kats preread chapter 9 for Thursday