Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday November 5, 2015

Hello parents,
Today during language, the Kit Kat group read aloud chapters 6 and 7 in “A Little Princess” and we talked about the inferences regarding character traits in Becky, Sara and Livinia.
The Jelly Bean group read aloud “I Hate Peas!” and concentrated on the similarities and differences of the two main characters.
As I worked with a group, the other group was working on phonics activities.
After snack and recess (no coats!) I started to read aloud a new chapter book, “Horrible Harry in Room 2B”.  We then continued our introduction into our new math unit, Measurement, by working with Judy clocks.
Grade 2s practiced letters “u,w” during their cursive writing lesson while the grade 1s printed “p,q,r”.
After lunch recess, students had music and gym with Mr. Hunt.
Following last recess, the students and I played scooter tag and then we had our spelling dictation.
Afterwards, students played scrabble or finished up work from the week.

A reminder that tomorrow is a PD day.  Have a great long weekend!