Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday November 9, 2015
Good afternoon parents,
During math class, we had a carpet lesson on time.  In order to estimate how much time passes in our everyday lives, we discussed our morning routines and compared items (brushing teeth/getting dressed) to see which took up more time.  To “see and show” how long a minute is, I swung a toy on the end of a string as a pendulum to show one second.  We then estimated how many seconds it would take each student to print her/his name and then we counted our pendulum as each student had her/his turn.  We then completed that same exercise with saying the alphabet, blinking 10 times. Afterwards, we went through each “o’clock” and talked about what we do in the daytime version compared to the nighttime version (ie 9:00 am vs 9:00 pm).
After snack and recess, I read aloud the next two chapters in “Horrible Harry in Room 2B”.
We then had our spelling pretest and started our activities with list words.
During Language, the Kit Kat group joined me to reread chapters 6 and 7 and to read chapter 8 in “A Little Princess”.  We then completed the first three comprehension questions together on chart paper and then students copied them onto their question pages.
The Jelly Bean group joined me to reread “I Hate Peas!”.  We examined the “mashed potato passage” and completed comprehension questions together.
After lunch and recess, students had French.
Following last recess, we worked on Working with Words for Daily Five “My Favourite Toy”.  Students also completed their good copies of their poster advertisement.
-no school Wednesday
-please send in Reading Logs for weekly tally if you haven’t already done so

-all snacks need to be peanut/nut-free