Monday, November 2, 2015

Good afternoon Parents!
I hope that you had a fun weekend with your little trick-or-treaters.
We had our first of the month assembly today.
Congratulations to Sofia for earning Principal’s Choice for October’s attitude/attribute Knowlegable/Independence.
Mme Villeneuve presented this month’s attitude/attribute of Thinker/Courage.
We then enjoyed a house game courtesy of Mr. Hunt.
When we arrived to class, Seth helped us get our calendar sorted for November and then we talked about our weekend / Halloween news.  Students then completed a fun writing reflection worksheet.
After first recess we had our spelling pretest and students completed activities with list words.  Students then had an opportunity to read their library books/make patterns.
After lunch recess, Mme came in for French.
The math test was written after last recess.
Library day tomorrow

PD day on Friday