Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday October 28, 2015 

Rainy Wednesday!

Good afternoon parents,

During calendar, we talked a lot about the weather.  We also checked the forecast for Saturday evening’s trick-or-treat festivities and were excited to see it will be dry.  Of course, we joked about how we usually have to wear our snowsuits under (or over!) our costumes…yes, even Mrs. Ruby when she was in grades one and two loooong ago!

During math, we practiced skills learned during our patterning and sorting unit.  Students had a variety of shape manipulatives and ordered them into very tricky pattern cores including; AABCB, ABBCDB and I was so proud of their success!  

Spelling was spent working on activities with our list words.

After snack and indoor recess, I read aloud TWO Halloween stories and then students worked on designing and naming their own Halloween monsters.

During Language, students worked on sentence structure with specific emphasis on capitals, end marks and nouns.

After lunch (and another indoor recess) the students enjoyed French.

After last recess (and you guessed it…another indoor recess!) we worked on writing by designing For Sale posters.  The focus was on a creative title, significant picture and including all (and only) relevant information.  Students also practiced their peer editing skills (and making suggestions to classmates effectively and kindly).

Thanks for another wonderful day!



Math review package will be sent home Friday in preparation for next week’s test.
Costumes and fun on Friday!

Class party Friday (feel free to bring in a snack to share!)