Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wednesday October 21, 2015 


Wow it’s Wednesday!

Our classroom helper, Kate did a great job singing us through our calendar activities.

We had another great Math lesson on Sorting and Patterning.  We began our lesson on the carpet by reviewing attributes that can be used to sort various items.  Students then worked collaboratively to sort tricky jack-o-lanterns into pails.  The grade 1s used two pails, while the grade 2s had to divide theirs into four pails!  The grade 2s also had an introductory lesson of Venn diagrams and how to use them efficiently when items could fit into both given categories.

As students completed their activities, they worked on their subtraction facts.

After snack and recess, I completed our read aloud novel and students were very excited to learn the true identity of the spooky scarecrow!

The grade 1s then worked on phonics activities while I worked with the grade 2 reading group.  We started “A Little Princess” by judging (evaluating) a book by its cover and looking for clues to the plot.

We took turns reading aloud chapter one, stopping often for clarification and comments.  Tomorrow we will begin activities based on the events of the chapter.

Following lunch and lunch recess, students had French with Mme Villeneuve.

After last recess, we had a “Ketchup / Catch up” period where students had opportunity to complete/make corrections on outstanding work and receive one-on-one assistance.

Please read the letter sent home with the eldest child of each family this afternoon regarding the PTA.

Have a great evening!