Wednesday, October 7, 2015


We had our first of the month assembly today (postponed due to Fall Festival preparations).  Students who earned perfect attendance (no lates or absences) for September were recognized during the assembly.  Congratulations to Seth for earning Principal’s Choice for displaying the qualities of Inquirer and Curiosity (our attitude and attribute for September).

Mrs. Whitworth then presented this month’s attitudes and attributes; Knowledgeable andIndependence.  Teachers will be looking for these qualities in their students in October.

Mr. Hunt led our school in fun house games and then it was off to class for another day of learning.

After calendar and snack, it was already time for recess.  Math followed and we continued our unit review on number sense and numeration and students practiced their skills.

For the Daily Five, students chose Read to Self.  Afterwards, we had reading groups and completed accompanying activities.

After lunch, students had Gym with Mrs. Whitworth as Mr. Hunt was at the cross country meet.  Congratulations to our students!