Thursday, October 1, 2015

We had a fabulous day in grade 1 and 2!
Ethan was our special helper today and he was excited to have the big job of changing over our calendar to October and helping to put on all the special days for the month!
Math was extra fun as we “played” monkey zookeeper.  We started with 10 monkeys at the zoo.  Each student had an opportunity to play zookeeper.  The zookeeper closed her/his eyes and when they opened them, found only a few of the original 10 monkeys in their zoo. The tricky (and fun!) part was trying to figure out how many monkeys escaped each time.
Students continued with their spelling activities with list words.
After recess, I read aloud Franklin’s Sleepover.
We used the opportunity to include the story in our language/writing lesson by reviewing how to make a list.  Students discussed various times they had been on sleepovers and we made a class list of “Items to pack for a Sleepover”.  Bringing a toothbrush and toothpaste was very low on the list!
Before lunch, students finished up their phonics from yesterday.
After lunch, students had drama and gym with Mr. Hunt.

During Unit of Inquiry the focus was on identifying and illustrating key terms including; community, local, north, south, equator, tropical and global.