Monday, October 19, 2015

PHappy Monday!

We had a lot to talk about today during calendar as the students were very excited with the dusting of snow over the weekend.  We talked about getting out our winter jacket and mittens and hats.  We also discussed how it is that it can be windy without it being cold.

Matthew was our class helper today and did a great job!

We will be starting a new math unit this week, Patterning and Sorting.  Today we worked on basic addition and subtraction facts.  Most students used counters to assist them but I am starting to see that some of these facts are coming quicker to them as we practice more.

During spelling, we had our weekly pretests that students brought home to study for Friday’s dictation.  Students began their weekly activities with list words.

After snack and recess, we continued with our spooky story “The Case of the Spooky Scarecrow” and talked about elements that make a story extra spooky (events taking place in the dark, strange sounds, items disappearing).

Students then enjoyed visiting and working with their Sentence Buddies as we worked on sentence structure and identifying nouns.  Students then enjoyed a Halloween themed word scramble.

After lunch, students had French.  Please visit Mme Villeneuve’s blog for lesson details.

During our unit of inquiry, our carpet lesson was about drawing and labelling diagrams.  We practiced together and then students worked in pairs and groups of three to put together their own diagrams based on parts of the body.

All in all, another great day of learning and fun!
Have a great night!