Monday, October 5, 2015

It was nice to see so many of our students having a great time at this year’s Fall Festival.  Thanks again to the parents who volunteered their efforts.
This morning, we had a bit of rearranging to do and had to go on a few treasure hunts for shoes and books but we are all put back together now.
In Math, we worked on reviewing our key concepts.  There will be a math unit test on Wednesday October 14.  Will will continue review this week and I will send a review package home for the long weekend.  Completion of the package is not mandatory, it is just extra practice.
There is no spelling this week, instead we will continue to study and practice our high-frequency words in class. 
During language, students continued their phonics work.
Students chose “read to self” for today’s daily five activity as we have recently visited our school library and the students checked out books.
Please read Mme Villeneuve’s blog for today’s French lesson.
During our Unit of Inquiry, we reviewed land formations.  The students also continued adding key terms to our glossary.

Have a great night!