Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Good afternoon parents,

After our morning assembly, we had our calendar time.  Orla did a great job as our class leader today.

During our math review, the class was impressed with the “magic” of number families and caught on quickly to the concept as we used real life examples in a narrative and also used manipulatives to assist in their understanding!
The grades 1 and 2 math unit test is on next Wednesday and we have been steadily reviewing all concepts in class.  A practice package will be sent home tomorrow for extra reinforcement over the weekend at home.  Please return on Tuesday (even if incomplete).

After such a brain-building math lesson, we had our snack and then the students went out for recess.

After recess, I read aloud “Franklin Fibs” and talked about how innocent a fib can seem but then can quickly become a big problem.

We finished our Sentence Buddies!  Have your child show off our march to help us remember the parts of a sentence!

After lunch, students had French with Mme Villeneuve.  Please check her blog for lesson details.

At the end of the day, we had a class lesson and discussion about Autumn and we talked about the events in nature during this time.  Tomorrow we will examine our senses in relation to Autumn.

We also completed a fun Thanksgiving-themed graph!
Have a great night!