Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Good afternoon parents,
We were disappointed to see that the weather forecast called for thunderstorms and as a result, we had to postpone our trip.  I will let you know when it has been rescheduled.
Matthew was our class helper today and did a great job with calendar.
In math, we wrapped up our lessons on addition strategies and began studying subtraction stories as we focused on key words (hints) from the word problems and pictures.
We then continued with Spelling activities with list words.
After recess, I read aloud “Franklin Rides a Bike” and we discussed the feelings of frustration at learning a new skill and the feeling of satisfaction when the skill is mastered.
For our Daily Five, the students worked on writing and completed the activity “My Ouchie”.  We brainstormed ideas to include in the writing including; how did I get my ouchie, who helped me clean up/feel better and lessons learned.
After lunch, students enjoyed drama and gym with Mr. Hunt.
Following last recess, the grade 2s worked on cursive “g” and the grade 1s worked on printing “Ff”.
For U of I, we continued examining continents in the world and their climates.
Tomorrow is casual day ($2 donation)

Picture order forms are due Oct. 6 or you can order online.